New Hello Stranger Reviews

Your Music Blog

“Hello Stranger are a fairly new band, who met in LA around 2015. Sam Deffenbaugh is the singer / guitarist, Daniel Rodriguez the drummer, Sam Plotkin also plays guitar and sings the harmonies and the band is rounded out by Doug Slohm on bass.

Listening to the album I cannot deny there is some massive appeal here. The songs are catchy (often damn catchy in fact), and Sam D has a voice that ought to make many a young girl take note. Well, I am not a young girl and and I still like the singing 🙂 . But there is more to this album: there are enough distorted guitars and variation at work throughout the album to keep me interested.
Still the band prove many times they are not a one trick pony. Where a song like Victorious has hit written all over it, The Flood is a riff monster waiting to explode. All The Things I’m Not sounds powerful, yet is carried by groove and a lighter sphere that works like a charm.

Most of the songs clock between 3 to 4 minutes, so will work in a radio format. I hope the band will get picked up, because they write quality songs that stick in your head and still manage to avoid the overly used clichés.

Nice one!”

LA Music Critic

“Hello Stranger is the latest alt rock band from Los Angeles whose sound is extremely radio friendly.  Behind the charismatic and soaring voice of Sam Deffenbaugh, the band rocks out behind the stimulating drums of Daniel Rodriguez, the electrifying guitar of Deffenbaugh and the steady bass of Sam Plotkin (who also supplies great backing vocals).  They demonstrate that they understand their rock history, with obvious influence from bands like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young on “All the Things I’m Not” and “Smiling in the Night,” among others.  From just listening to these great songs, we would love to see their live performance, as we can only imagine the energetic way they must be.  While we like the entire album, our favorite tracks include the two previously named, as well as “Virginia,” “Breakthrough,” “I Didn’t Speak for You,” “Ovation,” and “Victorious.”

Recommendation:  Get this one like your life depends upon it – they will make your day!”


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