Hello Stranger: Review Roundup

Hello Stranger’s debut, Long Division, has been getting some excellent coverage recently. Check out these great reviews:

Indie Voice Blog
“Get this one like your life depends upon it – they will make your day!”

A&R Factory
“The soaring melodies and synergetic harmonies sit so tightly within each other, you’re brought to a higher plateau than you could ever reach listening to Nirvana. Yes, it’s a bold statement, but I’m sticking to it.”

Rock the Pigeon
“The three piece band clearly has a lot of chemistry and has created a really great sound to back the already great songwriting. The lead singers vocals are soothing during the verses and powerful during the chorus. It’s really refreshing to hear vocals that are more raw and real and a live band on a track!”

The Music Butcher
Long Division is full of dramatic and eclectic tracks like this and shows why Hello Stranger has quickly grown such a strong following. ”

Divide and Conquer
“Overall, Hello Stranger works tight and well together as a trio and Long Division is a consistent album that’s well balanced and well produced.”

Listen Here Reviews
“Hello Stranger is a group that everyone should watch out for. In a scene like Los Angeles where its often hard to stand out, Long Division includes a few radio worthy songs that very well may make it on KROQ one day.”

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